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With the growing demand for catering services, most caterers have no choice than to be at their best in order to totally satisfy their clients. This is so because human beings naturally love good food and they will stop at nothing until they fulfil this need. The services of a good indian vegetarian catering melbourne are therefore needed during occasions especially when the host is unable to cater for the needs of many guests. It should be noted that caterers do not only prepare meals but they also ensure that the meals are displayed in a beautiful, eye-catching and attractive manner to tantalise the guests. There are obviously many reasons to use the services of a good caterer but that is actually a topic of its own. That said, caterers are expected to have cheat sheets so that they do not omit anything which could be relevant to their business and to satisfying their clients. A cheat sheet is basically a piece of paper bearing written notes intended to aid one’s memory. Now, let’s discuss some of the items of an ultimate cheat sheet for catering;

Contact information of clients

A good cheat sheet for catering should contain the names and contact information of clients. In this digital age, having the email contacts and phone contacts of clients will actually save the caterer from stress. This is so because, through their contacts, the clients can be immediately reached for clarifications in times of doubts and indecisions. For instance, a simple phone call will clarify whether or not the client prefers vanilla or strawberry flavour.

Date/Time allocation

If you are a caterer, then the date and time slot should never be omitted in your cheat sheet. The reason is simply the fact that you probably have many customers which you intend to satisfy. So it is simply logical to allocate your time properly so you don’t miss out an event or you don’t pay too much attention to a particular event at the detriment of another event.

Allocating your time properly will obviously also help you to better prepare prior to a particular event rather than accumulating so much work to perform on the D-day.


As a caterer, you should be able to work on a strict budget. The best way to make sure that you stick to your budget is by drawing a detailed budget for particular events that have been assigned to you, especially when it comes to home party catering services, you need to be on top of your budget because generally these are lower end events. You obviously don’t want to work for no profits so the best thing to do is to always make reference to your cheat sheet to be sure you have not exceeded your budget. To put it simply, a caterer’s ultimate cheat sheet should contain the detailed financial records of ongoing projects or jobs.

Proposed menus

The ultimate cheat sheet of a caterer should also have proposed menus for different occasions. For instance, it should have separate menus for weddings, house parties, birthday parties, corporate events etc. As a caterer, you will probably be meeting new clients daily. Thus with already established menus in your cheat sheet, it becomes easy to make concrete propositions and arrangements with clients.

Contact Information of other caterers & venue organisers

As a caterer, you will obviously be working with other caterers or venue organisers from time to time especially in big events where many guests are expected. Thus, it is just logical to have the contacts of some of your colleagues you collaborate with, if you’re looking for a good party venue organiser in Melbourne then get in touch with Harbour Kitchens Melbourne, they’re one of the best in the industry and are on top of all the best venues for your clients. This will eventually make it very easy for you to contact them in case you need their services, especially during emergencies.

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