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Celebrations and colourful events steal the spotlight in our social life nowadays. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or even corporate events, social functions envelope our lives from family to workplacehere in Melbourne. The important thing about these events is the planning, and the planning can only start with choosing the right venue.  All other crucial aspects of the planning like fixing the date or so can only be done once the venue is ascertained.

Findingthe right venue might sound intimidating at times, but there are a few names that one can trust rightaway. For example, the function venues in Melbourne by Harbour Kitchen, among many others. But to be more specific, there are certain aspects that need to be kept in mind while deciding on a venue for an event. We have listed some below to lend you a hand.

Cost consideration

A cost-conscious event manager would make it a point to keep the budget of the venue comparatively low so that more of the budget can be allocated for food, beverages and entertainment. So, when looking for function rooms in Melbourne, cost planning is an important aspect to remember. Also, keeping the date flexible may prove to be a game changer in the sense that some places offer discounted tariffs on specific days. In any case, it is always a good idea to compare the venue packages, especially when they are inclusive of all services. There are, however, a few such places in Melbourne whose packages provide value for money and Harbour Kitchen is one such venue

Locational advantage

Locational convenience is also another major factor that plays a huge role while planning an event. While considering options, accessibility should be the primary concern for event planners. If many of the attendees are travelling from out of town, the venue should be ideally placed at some place close to the airport or the railway station. The arrangements become easier if all the attendees can be made to stay at a particular hotel and the event can also be organized at the same place. This also makes services like valet parking available, ensuring at the same time that the guests do not have a hard time locating the venue.


Another important factor that needs special attention is the ambience of the venue in question. It should be suited to the kind of event that is going to be hosted there. The already existing decor in the venue and the customizations possible are to be considered first in order to make sure that the mood of the event is retained. A mismatch in the tone of the function and the ambience of the venue can mar the success to a considerable extent.

Considering all the above factors, it only should sound natural that function rooms in Melbourne should be selected with utmost care and foresight if the success of the event is indeed a concern. This way the prices paid and the efforts put would be worthwhile and the venue would be a wonderful medium for making some wonderful memories.

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